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Rapid growth in the SAS analytics field is generating job opportunities Globally in every sector, as technologies like AI, ML and IOT and their implementation for enterprise better performance, Data is being generated exponentially. There is an increase in demand for highly skilled professionals and companies are on a constant lookout for professionals who can fill the gap. Compared to worldwide estimates, India contributes just 12% of open jobs opening currently. The no. of jobs in India are likely to increase much faster vs. the rest of the world as more analytics projects get outsourced to India due to lack of skills across the world. Analytics profiles like SAS Programmer, Data Analytics Consultant / Project Manager, Sr. Analyst /Analyst – Business Intelligence & Reporting, Analytics Manager / Team Lead Analytics, Delivery Lead are in a much faster growth.

C2H (Contract –to–hire) is also a side door into an organization. Within the Analytics and IT industry, it can be difficult to secure a direct hire role within a medium to large organization. The contract-to-hire route provides a side door past the talent acquisitions team, and the black hole of submitting your resume against a job posting on the company’s website. Working with a staffing organization eliminates number of the steps within the hiring process. You also can have more transparency into the hiring process. A contract house is generally going to share more information about the team and the tendencies of the hiring manager than a corporate recruiter would.

Our consulting engagements have spanned a wide range of opportunities to assist organizations obtain meaningful and actionable analytical insights from their data. We have also worked with clients to enhance the efficiency of their analytical applications, develop forecasting models, analyze customer satisfaction data and a wide range of other projects applying powerful Statistical tools to data.

Our outsourcing activities have spanned both globally and within India with capabilities to cater analytical solutions both from in-house and from off-shore.