about us


Sankhyana Consultancy Services is an advanced analytics firm which visualizes data and envisages insights which help enterprises to take optimal business decisions at an incredible fast phase and have a competitive edge over its competitors.

We believe in power of analytics and trust in “Data Driven Decision Science” which enables enterprises to transcend complex business problems. We have a specialized analytics team of data engineers, data scientists, statisticians & data analysts with a blend of young and experienced pool of knowledge with the very latest analytics software and are capable of catering to diverse sectors.


‘Sankhyana’ in Sanskrit means ‘Numeration’ which in-turn means the process or action of calculating by assigning numbers to something. At Sankhyana Consultancy Services we visualize business scenarios’ by assigning numbers and then use relevant Statistical Models to glean out meaningful and actionable insights enabling businesses to take data driven decisions.

This intrinsic core competency of Sankhyana Consultancy Services has enabled us to rise up to the standards of global analytical sector by visualizing complex business scenarios’ through numbers and envisage analytical insights across any industry vertical and transcending our Clients’ expectation.



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