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welcome to Sankhyana Consultancy Services

Big Data

Extremely large data sets that may be analysed computationally to reveal patterns


One of the leading organizations to provide training and staffing


Sankhyana provides fully integrated business process and solutions

About Sankhyana

Sankhyana Consultancy Services is an advanced analytics firm which visualizes data and envisages insights which help enterprises to take optimal business decisions at an incredible fast phase and have a competitive edge over its competitors.

We believe in power of analytics and trust in “Data Driven Decision Science” which enables enterprises to transcend complex business problems.

We have a specialized analytics team of data engineers, data scientists, statisticians & data analysts with a blend of young and experienced pool of knowledge with the very latest analytics software and are capable of catering to diverse sectors.

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  • Base SAS + Advance SAS (1 shot) – Actual Amount = Rs. 59000 Offer Amount = Rs. 50000
  • Base SAS + Advance SAS (3 EMI) – Actual Amount = Rs. 59000 Offer Amount = Rs. 55000
  • Base SAS + Advance SAS + 1 SAS Module – Actual Amount = Rs. 88500 Offer Amount = Rs. 75000
  • Base SAS + Advance SAS + Global SAS Certification – Actual Amount = Rs. 73000 Offer Amount = Rs. 65000
  • 1 SAS Module (1 Shot) – Actual Amount = Rs. 29500 Offer Amount = Rs. 20000
  • 2 SAS Modules ( 1 shot) – Actual Amount = Rs. 59000 Offer Amount = Rs. 40000
  • Lekitha Gowda - Placed at CHILTERN, Bangalore
  • Abinaya - Placed at CHILTERN, Bangalore
  • Poojitha – Placed at GENPACT, Hyderabad
  • Neha Kumari – Placed at CHILTERN, Bangalore
  • Ajith Kumar – Placed at CHILTERN, Bangalore
  • J.Gokulnath – Placed at GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Limited
  • Amith – 97%
  • Vijayaprabha – 94%
  • Shruthi Sonal – 92%
  • Saurav Nath – 87%
  • Mahesh – 79%

Base SAS with Global Certification /Advance SAS/VA

  • 74,999
Group Offer

Base SAS/Advance SAS/ Any module

  • 59,999 & Get 10% extra off
Machine Learning

Base SAS/Advance SAS/Machine learning with python

  • 54999 & Get 10 % extra off
  • Navanitha Priya Student

    Sankhyana consultancy is providing groundbreaking classroom training in SAS. I am from teaching background at first i am not confident that i can learn analytics. After joining here i am sure that i can move into any sector in analytics. The Trainers are very efficient and cooperative ,teaching from the root to head of SAS concepts . thanks for the entire team. I strongly recommend Sankhyana is the best place to learn SAS.

  • Deepak Dwivedi Student

    I will take opportunity to thanks every one from sankhyana consultancy to groom my professional career .When i started the class then was not sure where i will land after completion of the course. Fortunately i spoke to the Sajjal Sir and joined the class ,Sajjal sir posses the not only great SAS knowledge and also deliver to the students in much much better manner where any one can do the excel in SAS. Apart from student teacher relation ,Sajjal sir helped me a lot to boost my confidence and priceless suggestion like a big bro!!! this is the best institute to learn SAS and end up with a good Job !!

  • Rohini Student

    The class did a great job of spanning the breadth and depth of the Base SAS and Advanced SAS. The highlight of the class was the trainers are very helpful in understanding and solving all the basic concepts. The class and online training was really good. I am very much impressed. That's the reason i finished my base sas certification very easily. The online training session was very much interactive,it was a great experience learning the complete course and i recommend others to take online training .

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We solve both complex and basic data analysis problems using best of breed human resources and Statistical Packages.
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We provide a wide range of opportunities to assist organizations obtain meaningful and actionable analytical insights from their data.
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Our programs are designed to empower individual to meet industry demands, fuel enthusiasm for higher education and professional training.
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SAS Certification Exam

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  • Practice Exam
  • 11 Test Papers
  • 750 Questions
  • Validity- 3 Months
  • No of Attempts- Unlimited



  • Practice Exam
  • 9 Test Papers
  • 450 Questions
  • Validity- 3 Months
  • No of Attempts- Unlimited