Our consulting engagements have spanned a wide range of opportunities to assist organizations obtain meaningful and actionable analytical insights from their data. We have also worked with clients to enhance the efficiency of their analytical applications, develop forecasting models, analyze customer satisfaction data and a wide range of other projects applying powerful Statistical tools to data.


  • Mining and Database Marketing - Interpretable and actionable results from applying analytic tools to your data.
  • Market Analysis – Perform Competitor Analysis, Brand Positioning, Benchmarking, Sensitivity Analysis, Promotional Analysis & Communication Effectiveness Analysis.
  • Customer Segmentation – Meaningful insights from clustering and related analytical tools which drive successful implementation of business strategies.
  • Forecasting – Effective forecasts of future values by applying wide range of analytical tools to historical time series data.
  • Strategic and tactical analysis – across industry verticals.
  • Develop custom solutions & reports – for fast changing business scenarios.
  • Analytical Application Efficiency Improvement – Streamliningand improving even the most complex application by applying “best practices” in analytical programming, data management and data processing.


Our outsourcing activities have spanned both globally and also within India with capabilities to cater analytical solutions both from in-house and from off-shore.


Our Clients